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Migrating Wordpress Site from http:// to https://

Google has already made it mendatory to have your site to use https, now all cpanel hosts are also offering FREE local server based secure server keys. Thus it is now easier to migrate your website to https instead of http.

Following are the step by step instructions to migrate your site to https/

Step 1 : Login to your wordpress site now go to setting and then general settings here change URL of your site from http://yoursite.com to https://yoursite.com

Now practically your site is pointing to https URL but the images and other script files in posts may be no changed to secure https for this you will need to go to cpanel and then phpMyadmin. now click the database your site data is in.

In the MySql database click on "SQL" on top left

A box will open now add the following querry

update wp_posts set post_content = replace(post_content,'http://','https://')

You might need to change wp_ to whatever your had used in mysql prefex

Now you need to make changes in google masters too

Login to Google Webmasters

then click add property

Now at the site with https prefex

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