Presentations for Management classes

These presentations are for use of students and business managers to help them in their urge of knowledge. The presentation in the first section are by myself (Jamal Panhwar) they are free to copy and distribute however it will be appreciated if my name remains intact on them. The presentation in the second section are by respectable teachers and authors and are not permited for distribution.

Presentations by Jamal Panhwar

How to Give a presentation : Different ways to give presentation. It was my class presentation in Organisation communication class in 2010 at the Preston University Karachi

Perception : A presentation for Organisation behavior class which I made to help some friends understand what the perception is academically.

Strategic & Tactical Compensation Issues Given as a lead presentation in Compensation management class

Pay for Time not worked : Presentation given in Compensation management class

Disablity Income Continuation : Presentation given in Compensation management class


Presentation by Other people

Please note the following presentation are presented here just for general reading and must not be used for any commercial purpose. Copyrights reserved with the original Authors.

Legal Business Structure

Stimulus & Response

Strategic Management

How to write a case study









Presentations by fellow students

Visual Aids by Aster Emmanuel  Urooj Javed Anita Samson


Strategy, Risk and Capital Management - An ICAAP Framework  August 2009 Hasan Kazmi Director Enterprise Risk European Capital Markets Royal Bank of Canada