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Here are some book for you to read. Whether you are studying management or you wish to get to know the world of management on your own.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu an old Chinese writer who wrote some of the methodologies of war in the year 3rd BC (2000 years ago). The text is translated into English by Lionel Giles. This book is considered as one of the most complete and earliest boo on the straegies of but is also just as good for businesses. For a business man one needs to make strategies and these techniques of as will definitely be worth reading.

Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith An other early book in management written by Adam Smith in 1776 Adam Smith was a Scottish economist and moral philosopher he wrote this book as a reflection on economics at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and argues that free market economies are more productive and beneficial to their societies. The book is a fundamental work in classical economics.

Bottom Line training by Donald Ford: An excellent book for Management of Training written for business managers who wish to manage and cunduct trainings withing their organisations. Note this book is a copyrighted material we urge you to by this book from a book store or from the Amazon Store online

Effective Project Management by Robert K. Wysocki, Ph.D.
with contributions by
Rudd McGary, Ph.D.,PMP

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